R. and his partner M. were renting an ocean-front home in a beautiful spot in Kauai, HI. It was their dream to live on this remote island. R. had made some investments that were not yet working for him, and he was feeling very "stuck" around money. M. on the other hand was living her dream, and though she didn't have cash in hand, she was feeling very abundant, being able to walk out of her door directly onto the beach. The home needed a lot of maintenance and care. The previous owners were drug users, who had probably done a lot of work on the house under the influence. All the construction was out of plumb. The workmanship was very poor - moldings, frames and doorways out of line, the house needed paint inside and out, and the lighting was dim. A small rental unit on the ground floor was in a state of disrepair.

    When I went into R.'s home office, which occupied the wealth area of the Bagua, I found the desk was placed in the path of the doorway with a file cabinet next to the desk leaving very little space to actually enter the room. As he sat at his desk, he was directly under a large exposed beam. The only lighting in the room was a bare light bulb projecting from the side wall.

    First I returned to the outside of the house and suggested some changes. Gateways represent opportunities entering our lives. The main gateway was fixed by straightening up the misaligned framing, and painted red (representing fire) to offset so much water energy coming from the ocean. Exterior lights and pathway lights were installed. I told R. he needed to paint his office a soothing green, the color of prosperity. At first he was resistant, feeling that he didn't have enough money to even buy the paint. To engage him in the process, we took out a $20 bill, matching the light green color to a paint chip, and he began to like the idea of having the color of money on his walls. I suggested that he replace his makeshift desk with a more substantial one, the kind that a successful entrepreneur might sit at. The desk needed to be moved to the far corner of the room, diagonally across from the door, so that he could have a commanding view of the room.

    To offset the oppression of the heavy beam, a round faceted crystal was hung. The house, including the small rental unit, was painted inside and out with soothing, muted colors from nature's palette to calmly balance the intense energy from the ocean all the sound and reflected light. R. carried out these changes, and soon began to receive some interesting signs, indicating that prosperity was coming his way. One morning as he was taking a walk on the beach he discovered a bottle washed up on shore with a one-dollar bill inside. Another sign was that a lovely teak desk became available at a very reasonable price from someone who was leaving the island.

    Two years later, as I write this, the small unit downstairs is rented continuously to vacationers, allowing R. and M. to live rent-free and travel as they wish.


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