Divine Order Clients: Case Studies
    A condominium owner, Mary, from a very affluent Northern Californian community, called me after a violent rape had taken place on her rental property. A woman who had just signed a lease was raped on the very day she moved into her new space. After the violation occurred I was called in for to consult and to do a clearing of the space.

    When I first entered, I could feel A strange energy. Immediately I asked about the history of the space. Who had lived there before? Mary explained that a family had lived there for several years. About 3 months before they vacated the property, the mother of the family had been the victim of a very violent, unexpected car accident and early death. Even though it was a beautiful space with abundant natural light and windows which gave a lot of yang energy, the predominant feeling was empty and vulnerable. This was due in part to the location of the condo in direct line with the traffic. A large picture window was cracked, and the unit had not been repainted. The walls carried the grief and karma of the recent tragedy with the family's mother.

    I first suggested repairing the window and repainting the space with a warmer, peach tone color. I recommended using shades on the windows to contain and protect from the outside energy, as well as crystals in the windows to buffer the destructive sha ch'i from the oncoming traffic. I also employed some advanced transcendental and metaphysical cures to clear the space and seal out any further violent occurrences. In addition to sending out healing energy to the young victim, I offered prayers for the man who had committed the rape. It is vitally important that a trained and skilled professional performs a "clearing" when a violent or bizarre activity has taken place within a space.*

    Oddly enough, about three days after the consultation, I saw in the newspaper a small article describing the suspect and events. The article was entitled, "Rape Suspect Claims Compassion."

    It went on to say that though he denied the charges( as attorneys had advised him), the man expressed compassion for the woman. He was quoted as saying, "If I did what they allege I did to the victim, then that's who I apologize to. For any woman to go through that experience is horrific." I never underestimate the profound power of the transcendental cures".

    * When moving into a new home or space it is important to learn the condition of the lives of the previous occupants, and to consult a professional consult, shaman, or kahuna to clear and bless the space before moving in so as not to take on someone else's energy..

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