The following is excerpted from the book:
    Taking the Sacred Path Home, Applying the Ancient Wisdom of Feng Shui
    by Kathleen Thurston

    How does Feng Shui work? Or is it just superstition?

    I am continually witnessing the powerful transformations that clients experience from applying the feng shui cures. How does this work? The process helps us to clarify our intention for our space. For example, if we want to attract a partner into our life, we would strengthen that intention by placing certain objects and symbols in the partnership area of the home, such as two warm colored candles , a beautiful image of lovers ,or a love poem in that area. We are surrounded by those objects and symbols that are giving us daily reminders of that which we want to manifest, making it easier to attract to us . (of course, if it is in the highest good for all concerned).

    What is the Bagua?

    The Bagua is an octagonal map or diagram with eight sections, each pertaining to a life area such as family, wealth, fame marriage, children, benefactors, career, and knowledge. This diagram is superimposed over the general floorplan of the space, or over the property, or can be applied to individual rooms.
    (More about the Bagua at Using the Bagua)

    What qualities shall I look for in a Feng Shui consultant?

    A good consultant requires a highly developed intuition and keen sensitivity to subtle energy. Spiritual cultivation is necessary as well as a good sense of design, good taste, sensitivity to aesthetics, combining vision with practicality.

    Presently there are many weekend feng shui trainings offered. Taking a few of these does not constitute a qualified consultant. Be sure to inquire about the extent of their Feng Shui training.

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