Ba means eight and Gua means trigram - combinations of the yin (broken) and yang (solid) lines in groups of three.

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In the center of the diagram lies the Yin/Yang symbol representing perfect balance of heaven and earth. This is the area of HEALTH Arranged around the center are eight primary trigrams, symbolizing the life areas.

The diagram of the bagua can superimposed over the floorplan, plot of land, or an individual room. For an overview of the home, align the bagua with the front door . . . For a home with several stories, apply the bagua to each floor relating to the landing of the staircase as if it were the front door. Now that we can indentify the location of the various life areas as they correspond to our homes or offices, we can now "enhance" or strengthern any of these life areas by placing intentional objects and symbols, such as mirrors, crystals, plants, artwork, amulets, talismans, or other "cures" in them.

To learn more about how to effectively apply the bagua to your space, order the book,
Taking the Sacred Path Home.

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