All things are interrelated by a life force, or subtle energy. The Chinese call this energy Ch'i; the Japanese use the term Ki, and the Indians call it Prana. For over 4,000 years, the Chinese have studied the nature of ch'i, observing that people are affected either positively or negatively by their surroundings, where their homes and work places are actually situated, and the placement and content of objects within these structures. Buildings and homes located in harmony with their natural settings and arranged so that vital energy can flow optimally, bring comfort and security, affording their occupants prosperity and well being.

    Feng Shui incorporates interior and exterior design elements, such as lighting, color, placement of furniture, mirrors, plants and landscaping to create healthy environments that maximize human potential and well-being. Drawing from this ancient art and science of balancing subtle energy and attuning to the cycles of nature, we can weave more harmony, beauty, and happiness into the very fabric of our lives.

    How Does Your Home or Office Feel?

    We offer practical and inexpensive ways to assist you in creating a living or work environment that will attract maximum good health, productivity, prosperity, and harmonious relationships.

    Trained in the Black Hat Tantric Buddhist tradition with Professor Lin Yun, Kathleen Thurston performs blessings, clearings, and transcendental cures on existing structures or new construction.

    Contact us for home or office consultations and private counseling.

    Also available for speaking engagements, lectures, and workshops.

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